Tennessee Intervention

Tennessee Intervention

Tennessee Intervention

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the state of Tennessee ranked in the top ten highest states for several categories of drug use and abuse. Most notably Tennessee ranks among the very highest for non-medical use of pain medications and use of illicit drugs other than marijuana in the current month. {whitehouse.gov}

It is obvious that drugs and alcohol are a growing concern in this state. So, if you are one of the many people living with a family member addicted to drugs or alcohol where do you turn when you need help? Fortunately there are mental health and drug treatment professionals ready to help right away.


The first step on the path to getting help for your loved one is to convince them that they have a problem. This is most successfully done by finding a professional Interventionist who can help you arrange a formal Intervention. During an Intervention your loved one will be confronted by concerned friends and family. They will outline how the drug abuse has affected all of their lives. The goal is to convince your loved one that they need to enter a treatment program immediately.


Once your loved one agrees to treatment the first step is often to enter a Detox facility. This is a medical facility that can monitor and provide care for your loved one as they word the last of the drug out of their body. This can lead to withdrawal symptoms that can be treated and observe by the highly trained staff.

After Detox is complete the next step is often an in-patient treatment program. These round the clock programs will provide your loved one with therapy, social support, emotional support and any other need that arises. They will start to see that life without drugs is possible and wonderful.

After an in-patient program is complete the next step for most people is an outpatient treatment program. This might be in the form of outpatient therapy. Or it could be in the form of an intensive outpatient program. These programs run for several hours each day in either the morning or evening.


After all of these steps have been taken it is important to continue working on staying sober and healthy. Many people find that continuing to work with a therapist can be very beneficial. Other people may choose to begin a twelve-step program.

What is most important is that help is ready. For each family and each addiction there is a treatment program that will work. It is just a matter of taking the first step.


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