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Drug Intervention in Tennessee

Drug Intervention in TennesseeThere are so many families dealing with the same reality. They have watched a loved one succumb to a drug addiction and they do not know how to help. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of Drug Intervention options in Tennessee for any drug addiction and any family.

The Numbers

It is a sad fact that drug addiction is a growing problem in our country. More and more dollars are spent each year to deal with the drug problem and while use of some types of drugs has decreased others have continued to rise. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reported that the state of Tennessee was among the top ten states in the United States for reports of drugs other than marijuana amongst people over the age of 12. {whitehouse.gov} This overwhelming statistic is an even more frustrating reality for the families watching this reality every single day.

How to find help

Although the numbers are downright shocking that does not mean that help is not out there. For every addiction, every individual living with an addiction and every family living with this actuality, there is a path to sobriety. It is just a matter of finding out how to begin the journey.

The first step

For many people battling addiction the first step is to check into a detoxification (detox) facility. These medically based facilities help an individual cleanse the drug from their system while also providing them physical and emotional support. They can use techniques to minimize withdrawal symptoms and keep your loved one safe as they detox from the drug.

In Patient Options

After detox is complete the common second step is a stay in an in-patient facility. Some people will need a stay that lasts between a week and 28 days. These in-patient facilities provide therapy, group counseling, family support and other supportive services to being the process of getting clean and sober. Another, longer-term options is a residential facility. These facilities provide the same services but they typically last between one and three months.

Outpatient Options

Either after in-patient or in lieu of it many people will attend an outpatient treatment. This could be an intensive outpatient facility, which provides daily therapy in either the morning or evening for several hours each day. It might be a twelve-step program like Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous. Some individuals and families might prefer the one-on-one setting of a traditional therapeutic setting.

No matter what the addiction or how severe it is, there are services and professionals ready to help right away. They will not only help your loved one begin the path to sobriety but they will also help you support them every step of the way.




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