Heroin Intervention

Heroin Intervention in Tennessee

heroin intervention in tennessee
It is unfortunate that the state of Tennessee leads the nation in many categories of drug use. It ranks in the top ten states in terms of non-marijuana drug use for people over the age of twelve. {whitehouse.gov} In the midst of these staggering numbers are families watching their loved ones battle heroin addictions. They are more than just numbers; they are people with an illness. If your loved one is one of these people finding the right way to get them help may seem impossible at times. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is a battery of Heroin Interventions in Tennessee available right now.

Because heroin withdrawal has been presented, in the media, in such a frightening way many people are scared to get help. For some living with the addiction, it seems like a better option than going through the process of detox. However, these portrayals are largely inaccurate and lifetime sobriety is possible in the wake of a heroin addiction.


The process of Detox, when eliminating the body of heroin, is safest when it is done in a Detox facility. These facilities are staffed by both medical and mental health professionals that can keep your loved one safe, healthy and as comfortable as possible through this process. They can provide round-the-clock physical and emotional support.

In-Patient Facilities

Once the process of Detox is complete the next step is getting on the path to recovery. During this next step your loved one will most likely enter an in-patient facility. These can be traditional in-patient facilities or a longer time period residential program. This depends largely upon the severity and length of the addiction. Both facilities are similar in that they will provide one-on-one therapy, group therapy, family support and supportive services. They will help prepare your loved one for their new sober life outside of the facility.

Out Patient Services

The next step for most people is an outpatient program. This could be an intensive outpatient program, where your loved one attends their program for several hours each day. They can attend in the morning or evening so they can begin working or attending school. Another option is finding a mental health professional that will work one-on-one to deal with daily triggers as well as uncover some of the underlying causes of the addiction.

Ongoing Support

The final step in the process is ongoing support. Many people choose to attend a support group like Narcotics Anonymous for long-term support. Others will continue to work with a mental health professional to continue the support they have been receiving.

Thankfully the options are endless. Because of all the options there is a path for every person and every family. It is all just a phone call or a mouse click away.


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