Memphis Interventionist

Memphis Interventionist

Memphis Interventionist
When it comes time to seek help for a loved one that is addicted to drugs or alcohol, knowing what good qualities are in a Memphis interventionist is important. It is a huge job to organize an intervention and you should seek professional help. Many interventionists are skillful at convincing and addict that they need to seek treatment for their addiction, but they may not be able to keep them from abandoning treatment before it is complete or has a chance to lead them to recovery. Many families and loved ones believe that an intervention is a success if the addict gets into treatment, but reality is that a successful intervention ends in recovery. An intervention is very long process. It is more than just loved ones getting together and letting an addict know they have a problem. Addiction hurts the entire structure of an alcoholic or addicts life. Intervention is just the first step in the healing and recovery process.

Professional Interventionist Service

When looking for an interventionist a substance abuse help provider service will have professionals available that will have conducted hundreds of interventions. They will have several intervention models at their disposal allowing them to tailor the recovery process to each individuals needs, from rehab to recovery. The service should be able to provide at least ten references from licensed treatment centers have several qualified employees and have a physical address to conduct business. All certifications, licenses and other validations should also be clearly visible. Their services should go beyond the intervention and take the addict all the way into recovery using case management resources and services.

12 Step Call or Non-Professional Interventionist

Most non professional interventionists do what is called a 12 step call. This interventionist is typically a recovered addict or alcoholic. They will not have any training or any certifications. They will have no office or employees and will likely not have many references to provide you with.

Professional Interventionist

A true professional Memphis interventionist will guide the entire family of an addict through the recovery process. They realize that recovery is a lifelong commitment. In order for the addict to heal and lead a happy un-addicted life, the entire family unit must heal along with the addict. The professional will know how to properly train the family to help conquer their loved one’s addiction.

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